About Us


Founded in 1998, Primo Pumps and Home Firefighting Systems was started due to the increasing devastation of year round California wildfires. Our mission has always been to provide homeowners with the tools necessary to protect their family and property during wildfire events. Working with top manufacturer's we've tested hundreds of professional firefighting products to select those that performed well, were user friendly and cost effective. Those that passed our rigorous testing were incorporated into our original Home Firefighting™ brand of fire protection products which are now encompassed by our Primo­® Fire Pumps product line.

Our first product, the original Home Firefighting™ Cart System, allows homeowners to utilize a true high-pressure fire pump equipped with field proven professional fire equipment to make use of their pool, lake, pond or water tank. Our professional grade systems have been used by homeowners, ranchers, farms, industrial/commercial users, government agencies and the U.S. military.

Well into our third decade of business, our Primo® Fire Pumps product line now includes Forestry fire pumps for USDA logging opertations and a selection of Fire Sprinkler pump systems to meet NFPA 13D residential sprinkler fire protection requirements.

We also offer a multitude of fittings, hoses, nozzles, firefighting foam and fire protection gel as well as many other water related products for household, industrial, agricultural and other uses.

Our goal has always been to provide Primo® products, Primo® pricing and PRIMO® customer service, before during and after the sale.

Please look to us for all your fire protection needs.

David Evraiff
Founder & CEO, Primo Pumps & Fire Equipment
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